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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business is ISOAMERICA, Inc.?

We're a product and services company that help businesses improve, simplify and optimize their company.

Why is "process" such a hot new idea?

We've always known that consistency is the key to success. It has taken us ten years to develop and refine our framework for improving business processes. Once all your processes are defined and connected, we help you develop highly effective and efficient procedures and work methods, which is the only way you will achieve best practices and be able to "maintain the gains."


How does it work?

In any compliance program, the compliance processes need to be built into the very fabric of the company so they happen automatically every time. We help you embed the quality processes into your management system so that they execute perfectly, all the time.

What makes ISOAMERICA's service unique?

We will help you think of the quality system as a process improvement effort, and as a management system. We transfer a lot of skills to your managers and employees to ensure they can maintain, manage and continuously improve the business without a lot of extra resources.

So who can benefit from your products and services?

Everyone. All companies have processes that can be improved and all companies need to optimize their management system to ensure consistency in the delivery of their products and services. Also the new Sarbanes-Oxley Act demands this of Public Companies. Many Private Companies will be forced by their equity partners and shareholders to adopt these same standards. If you would like to know more about Sarbanes-Oxley visit our sister company at

Why does this have to include the entire company?

The three elements of every company must participate fully. The Leadership System must provide goals, resources and demand change. The Operational System must develop efficient procedures and execute them effectively. The People System must have the right people, at the right place, at the right time. If this doesn't happen, functional silos will remain and impede the flow of work through the enterprise. This is also why past attempts like quality circles and continuous improvement fell short of their objectives. There was not enough top down leadership!

What business improvements should I expect?

Together, we will develop a high performance management system based on optimizing every process in your company. You will increase your net profit before tax. You will be able to grow your business with fewer resources. You will also have great visibility into the internal workings of every part of your business. Then you will be automatically ready for your quality certification.

What industry or type of business have you defined as your target market?

Only those who genuinely want to improve their method of doing business. We're interested only in those companies with a real desire to improve their processes and financial performance. Bad companies don't undertake this kind of rewarding program. Our clients are good companies trying to get better. We have done this with almost every kind of company from $10 million to $1.3 billion in sales

What do you charge?

Our clients pay a monthly retainer based on company complexity, number of remote locations and other factors. We are very reasonably priced for the impact we make to your bottom line. There is no long term commitment, you can make us go away with 30 days notice. No one ever has!

Does ISOAMERICA's implementation team have the knowledge and experience needed to assure that we achieve our goals?

Our expert process facilitators average nearly 30 years of broad industry experiences each. Most have run their own companies. They have the necessary experience and expertise developed in the field, to provide the detailed business and technical expertise needed to help you realize significant improvement in almost every area of your business. 100% of our clients have achieved registration

How long does it take?

Average time is 7 to 13 months depending on the complexity of the company. Some take as few a 5 months and some have taken over 18 months. It depends on number of sites and the effort given by the company. Insight 1 is not the gating factor here. 

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