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Internal Audit Systems

Internal audits are key to "maintaining the gains you make while preparing standards registration. You must have a way to ensure the "best practices" and procedures that you have developed, are actually being effectively implemented.

Our simple solution is to train everyday employees in auditing the "practice" (what is actually being done) against "documentation" (What you described, or thought was to be done). If these two match, the audit is over.

Auditing processes and procedures is the responsibility of day-to-day management of each area of the business. It is not the responsibility of the auditors or quality department. This audit system will however, help your "process owners" and managers identify and resolve discrepancies between procedures and actual practice. 

The auditors sit with the process owner and watch how they do their job. Then they review the documentation and procedures to see if they match. If they do, the audit is complete. Otherwise the process owner or manager must complete and submit a  Corrective Action Report

This way, auditors do not have to have competence in the process or quality management systems. The auditors also learn things about the company which helps them perform better back in their own department.


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